9 sandwich places to keep an eye out for on your busy day sightseeing

As you embark on yet another day filled with amazing sights to see, family feuds to quench or friendly arguments to settle about where to go next, take a look at this list that will at least save you some time when it comes to deciding where to eat. Safe your money for dinner at a fancy bistro and go for street food while you are still exploring the city. It will cost you less, it will take less time to complete your meal, everything is delicious and appetizing and you simply cannot go wrong with sandwiches and paninis.

1. Frenchie to Go

Sandwiches served at the Frenchie to Go deli

Sandwiches served at the Frenchie to Go deli

You cannot read a food recommendation article without stumbling upon something regarding Frenchie To Go. This place is constantly receiving great reviews. It is a New York style deli takeaway with a wood, stone and metal décor. The place is wildly popular so if you catch a table inside, consider yourself lucky. The prices match the high demand of the place, with some sandwiches being €12 and others €22 but everybody says it is worth it. Address: No. 9, Rue du Nil – closest metro station: Sentier – closest attraction: Musée des Arts et Métiers.

2. Cosi

The Cosi menu

The Cosi menu

This apparently is the best place to get a Panini at an average price of €10. They offer incredibly tasty sandwiches with homemade bread baked in the oven. The staff speaks good English, moves fast and the names of the sandwiches alone will keep you entertained until it is your turn to order. Another great thing about Cosi? It is open on Sunday. Address: No. 34, Rue de Seine – closest metro station: Mabillion – closest attraction: Fontaine Saint Michel.

3. Le Petit Vendôme

A delicious sandwich at Le Petit Vendome

A delicious sandwich at Le Petit Vendome

Le Petit Vendôme boasts with the best ham sandwich in Paris. They use baguettes from Boulangerie Julien to make sure they are fresh and tasty and add mouth watering ingredients. Sandwich prices vary between €4 and 6. Not only serving to go meals , Le Petit Vendôme offers the regular meals which you can have on location for prices above €15 and close to €20. If you just want a sandwich you have to really really want a sandwich because the queue stretches outside the store. Address: No. 8, Rue de Capucines – closest metro station: Madeleine – closest attraction: l’Opéra.

4. Mmmoza

Types of mozzarella served at the Mmmozza in Paris

Types of mozzarella served at the Mmmozza in Paris

If you are a mozzarella fan then you have no excuse not to go and entertain your taste buds with the finest selection of mozzarella cheeses in Paris. And what better to go with a mozzarella sandwich if not creative toppings that bring out the best flavors of this lovely cheese. Address: No. 57, Rue de Bretagne – closest metro station: Arts et Métiers – closest attraction: Musée des Arts et Métiers.

5. Chez Aline

Chez Aline is a fabulous little place you are bound to fall in love with. The sandwich range spans from traditional French like the jambon beurré or varieties with cooked vegetables and meats you cannot even pronounce without feeling your mouth start to water. One timers become instant fans and loyal customers. Address: No. 85, Rue de la Roquette – closest metro station: Voltaire – closest attraction: Bastille.

6. L’Epicerie Le Verre Volé

What is the difference between these €7-8 sandwiches and a sandwich you could do alone at home? Art and creative fillings that will have you reaching for an imaginary sandwich only upon reading the ingredients off the list. Everything smells and looks amazing and you could be easily tricked into thinking that you have entered a high-end deli. However, the more than decent prices on the chalkboard will reassure you. All that is left to do is to order whatever strikes your fancy. Address: No. 54, Rue de la Folie Méricourt – closest metro station: Oberkampf .

7.Brioche Dorée

This is an international chain of delis which offers great sandwiches, party products and coffee to go. You can sit at one of the tables where you can enjoy your snack undistributed in case you do not want to eat it on the go. There are several such places all over Paris, one of which is located very close to the Arc de Triomphe, so you can have a sandwich while looking at the Arc and at the people walking by on the Champs Élysées Boulevard. It is nice to know you can enjoy the sights without feeling your stomach rumble.


If you are not from Paris but always felt a bit Parisian every time you had a tasty snack at Paul’s, how will you feel now, when you are actually in Paris? We say to give it a try and see. If anything, you know this place has products you like, there are several locations around town and you can even have something you enjoyed at home to add a bit of emotional depth to the whole experience.


This is the Ol’ Faithful of sandwiches. And although some might say that they did not come all this way to eat something they have at home, every now and again, Subway saves the day with a well positioned location, reasonable prices and delicious sandwiches. There is something comforting about discovering a place and taste you know in a multitude of new experiences.

Provided that you still plan on putting some money aside for a nice Parisian meal at a bistro in the vicinity of some main attraction, knowing where to find delicious and well priced sandwiches can be a life-saver.