Great beautiful places in Paris

A trip to France is such a dream, and if you are looking for beautiful places in Paris; Well, there are many recommendations! As this largest city is the largest travel destination in the world, it meets its expectations. The amazingly beautiful places of Paris are not hard to find. With incredible Gothic cathedrals such as Notre Dame or the famous Eiffel Tower, you won’t miss the must-see sights of Paris.

We’ve been to Paris several times, it’s actually one of our favorite destinations because we’re always amazed at the city no matter how many times we’ve been. Yes, you are very crazy about the beautiful places of Paris, but in this article we will really get to it and tell you about the most amazing and amazing places in Paris so you can get the most out of your trip and you will be just as amazed as ever!

Eiffel Tower

One of its producers (Maurice Koechlin) described the Eiffel Tower at the 1884 World’s Fair as follows: “A large column consisting of four tie beams stands separately at the bottom and mounted at the top, connecting the metal columns at regular intervals.” More than a hundred years after it was built next to the Place du Trocadero, the Eiffel Tower is the world’s most popular and famous tourist destination and the most famous landmark in Paris. In all the travel articles even about Paris, not to mention the article on the beautiful places of Paris, there is certainly the most important woman in France, the Tour Eiffel; That’s just for sure. Damn, it also happens to be number one on the Tour Eiffel on our perfect Paris tour!

You can take the elevator to the top to get an unparalleled aerial view of Paris from the tallest building, adventure in the tower area, admiring the beautiful places with the extra aesthetics that the Eiffel Tower weaves in the sky, dine in your own restaurant or many other nearby restaurants. If you feel relaxed and relaxed, you can even have a picnic on the Champs De Mars, located at the foot of the massive tower. Whatever you decide to do, you will surely be amazed at its size. It is truly one of the most stunning and beautiful places in Paris.

Yes, we are writing this article about incredibly beautiful places in Paris, places that may not be famous, but the Eiffel Tower is really magnificent, so it’s important to include it, and it hurts that it’s the most famous landmark in Paris.


In the middle of the Royal Palace of the King of France, the chapel has a jewel box. The French are known for this incredibly beautiful church called Sainte-Chapelle, which means sacred chapel in English. Sainte-Chapelle has been considered one of the most beautiful places in Paris since 1238, when the building began. It has maintained that reputation to this day almost 800 years later, and it is clear why.

This building has two floors. The first floor you get to is called the Lower Chapel, and while the lower chapel (with its luxurious and royal aesthetics) is undoubtedly excellent, this isn’t the main attraction, so just wait. As soon as you feel the breath out of your lungs as you step into the upper chapel, you will see incredible colors from the dazzling divine glass walls. The protruding glass is considered the best type in the world and is the most famous attraction for which the church is known. Right now, when you look at the perfect splendor before your eyes, you will understand why this location is on this list of the most beautiful places in Paris. Another attractive interesting feature of this chapel is the very important object inside the walls. This is none other than the crown of thorns that Jesus Christ himself would have used to be crucified upon his death. This priceless object is almost the whole point of Sainte-Chapelle and perhaps the reason why it was built with such great beauty. The crown of thorns of Jesus is such an important symbol of the Christian religion, and it is so wonderful that we are able to look at something with your own eyes and that millions of people have valued it so much to this day. So maybe check it out to see why this beautiful place in Paris is one of the most beautiful places in Paris.

Palais Garnier

There are great opera houses all over Europe, but the Palais Garnier is by far one of the most spectacular if you have a place on this list as a beautiful place to visit in Paris. The Opera Garnier is an iconic stopover with the Louvre or Notredame in Paris.

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