A Paris guide with heart

There are as many types of travelers as there are travelers in hotel, hostels and apartments throughout Paris every single night. Some make lists and plan their budgets, others just go with it, from beginning to end. We have set out to create content for all of them and to give them all valuable and actionable information.

For the traveler on a budget we have prepared articles with some of the best downtown bistros where you can eat for around €10 or with some of the best sandwich places in the city. Want to enjoy Paris without having to pay admission fees every few minutes? Read our article on Paris parks or our article on walking tours. Or maybe visit some of the sights where recent movies have been shot. Short for time? Read up what museums you cannot leave the city without visiting. Not sure how to end your trip? Look at our top choices for places where you can see Paris from above.

Every trip is an opportunity for you to rediscover yourself. So… who are you?

You might be the person who thinks this is a one time opportunity and you want to make the best of it. You might be the type of person who does not care that this is the only trip to Paris in a lifetime and who wants to enjoy things. Regardless of who you are, we like to think we got you covered. You can be a dreamer, or a thrifty traveler. What matters to you is to get the most out of this experience.

You could be the person walking slowly in one of the Louvre halls because you have decided to take each tour at a time, while others run by you in an attempt to see the most interesting items on display all over the museum. You could also be the person with a planned lunch in the nearest park, enjoying a reasonably priced yet incredibly delicious sandwich, a good coffee and probably some great dessert, while others take the subway to have a meal somewhere further but for better prices. One thing is sure: you will not be the person who loses time in looking to where to eat and what to see. We got you covered.

See everything with fresh eyes but with information like you’ve been there before

Do you know that feeling when you complete a beautiful trip and you start unwinding the things you would have done differently to get even more from the experience? Now you will not have to do this as you can rely on the information we are presenting in these articles to make sure you do not miss out on anything amazing. There is always the thrill and excitement of getting to discover a city on your own, but this only goes for the people who have a lot of time on their hands.

So, unless you have three months to visit Paris, you can use these articles as cheat sheets, win some time, and use the rest to spend an afternoon at a café, for example.